Shroom Kingdom is an upcoming play-to-earn video game built with web technologies running on the NEAR Blockchain.


This is the blog section of Shroom Kingdom. We will occasionally post updates about our project. Be sure to subscribe to the feed.

Shroom Kingdom Roadmap

Published: 2021-10-01

Welcome to the roadmap of the Shroom Kingdom project. Our goal is to give you a brief overview on what you can and what you cannot expect me to deliver in the near future and give you a better understanding on what I need help for the most. I started this project solely on my own and with the help of the NEAR-Team I got this far already. Are you willing to become part of the Shroom-Kingdom family? Hit me up with your ideas!

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NFT Airdrop announcement

Published: 2021-09-06

Hey all!

We've been thinking a lot in our DAO (btw you can join us. Just visit our Discord server) how we should make early advertisement as good as possible. Many blockchain projects, who also distribute their own token, launch an Airdrop as a cheap way to do so, but Airdrops also attract many people just for the profits. Twitter, Telegram and the web are full of bots and crawlers who are looking for this "free money" to get as many people on board as possible.

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