Shroom Kingdom is an upcoming play-to-earn video game built with web technologies running on the NEAR Blockchain.

NFT Airdrop announcement

Published: 2021-09-06

Hey all!

We've been thinking a lot in our DAO (btw you can join us. Just visit our Discord server) how we should make early advertisement as good as possible. Many blockchain projects, who also distribute their own token, launch an Airdrop as a cheap way to do so, but Airdrops also attract many people just for the profits. Twitter, Telegram and the web are full of bots and crawlers who are looking for this "free money" to get as many people on board as possible.

From a projects perspective you don't want to attract these people. Instead you want to incentivise to get involved with your project. For this reason NEAR Protocol also regularly launches Hackathons, which attract developers who want to build on their platform. A Smart Contract capable blockchain is only as good as its projects. If you fail to onboard developers, your project might fail overall in the end.

Airdrops generally launch before an Initial DEX Offering (IDO), so that enough people know about the project and what it is about. We see an Airdrop as a good opportunity to also find people, who actually want to get involved with us, so we will launch an Airdrop with a twist. We will also launch an IDO on Skyward Finance, because we think that they found a way to launch an IDO as fair as possible. If you don't yet know much about the SHRM token, you should read about our Token Economics.

Our Airdrop is heavily inspired by RMRK's Kanaria NFT launchpad. Instead of giving free tokens, we want people to get their hands dirty and help us doing the advertisement. The more people you bring to our platform, the more you get rewarded. For this purpose we will launch a special kind of founder NFT, which will only be available during the initial Airdrop launch phase of the project. Once this time is over, there won't be any way to acquire new NFTs of this kind ever again, but the founder NFT will also be tradeable at some point.

To get the founder NFT, you will have to do several tasks:

All these requirements will automatically be checked by our Airdrop application, that we still have to develop. We are also working together with artists to give the NFT a nice looking.

Once the NFT has been acquired, you will get a referral link that you can share. Everytime some else acquires an NFT as well, you will get a referral point. We also make sure, that you keep following and retweeting the pinned post, otherwise you will lose eligibility to get referral points. The NFT will have super powers which will unlock the more referral points you acquired. We have not yet 100% decided how they will look like, but to give you a general idea here are some thoughts:

Remember that you will only have this opportunity once in your life during the NFT Airdrop launch event. Since we still need to work on the Airdrop application and are looking for artists to help us, we cannot yet announce the date for this event, but we will keep you updated, so make sure to follow our social media accounts!