Shroom Kingdom is an upcoming play-to-earn video game built with web technologies running on the NEAR Blockchain.

Shroom Kingdom Roadmap

Published: 2021-10-01

Welcome to the roadmap of the Shroom Kingdom project. Our goal is to give you a brief overview on what you can and what you cannot expect me to deliver in the near future and give you a better understanding on what I need help for the most. I started this project solely on my own and with the help of the NEAR-Team I got this far already. Are you willing to become part of the Shroom-Kingdom family? Hit me up with your ideas!


A quick look at what needs and needed to be done as a whole:

Deciding on which ecosystem the game is going to be built

Any important aspect of how we wanna build the game is how the ecosystem and with it the amount of community support. It's way more important than technical aspects of the network, everything can be improved later on when you work with the right people. That's why I decided to choose the NEAR ecosystem. Its main purpose is to strengthen community and create games with a different approach than conventional games. People get supported with a vision and people that are experts in all kinds of field are able to help people from a hobby-developer to a full-time-gaming dev. With such a strong community where people use their strengths to each others' advantage, it's way easier to make my vision a reality.

Sharing the idea in this ecosystem and setting up social media accounts

One day after I set up my social media accounts, specifically Twitter and Github, I got a very interesting Email from Humanguild. They were asking me, if I would be interested to talk about my idea with them and how they might be able to help me. I am absolutely amazed what great work they are doing in supporting projects that build on NEAR Protocol in such an early phase. They give me a lot of trust even though I just started with an idea. I think this demonstrates the spirit of Web3 and what great people work in there. Humanguild helps me especially with content creation and connecting with the right people. Ever since then I learned a lot about the NEAR ecosystem, which would have taken longer without them.

Connecting with people to build a community that participate in the project

It was time to create a DAO around the game, to find people that are willing to take the risk of spending their time to help me in exchange for a potentially worthless token if the game doesn't get any traction. I made my mind up about economic incentives and thought about the first few tasks people could support me with while there was not too much to work with, yet

Deciding on the economics of the token

This is a work in progress right now. I have an overall idea of how I want it to be set up and how tokens are supposed to be distributed within the IDO and amongst DAO-members, but the specifics of the in-game contents are still being discussed. We all are open for any form of contribution of ideas of what makes sense and how people can have the most fun and are incentivised to stay.

Launching the token via DAO community vote

We will soon launch our SHRM token via a DAO community vote, using SputnikDAO. It will be fundamental milestone and if you want to participate, you can contact me on our Discord server. You can read more about the SHRM token in our whitepaper.

Creating hype through airdrops and starting to reward early supporters

We will launch a token airdrop and I think it is a great idea to support NEAR early adopters. I got this idea from the official NEAR forums and I think other projects should do so as well. This is why I have been working on a backend to find eligible accounts for an airdrop. The backend is based on I implemented additional methods for easily querying such accounts and you can directly check below, whether you will be eligible for our upcoming token airdrop. The database might still sync with the NEAR indexer and it will take some time until your account shows up. You can also check your stats on, since it should be the same. Based on the level you have reached, more tokens will be directly dropped to your wallet after we have launched the token and finished all preparations to do so.

What's special about this airdrop is, that you don't have to do anything to receive it. We will just drop it into your wallet via a DAO vote. You just have to make sure to be eligible. There are two additional requirements for eligibility, which are:

Additionally to the token airdrop, we are also preparing an NFT airdrop as we explained in our previous blog post. We are still in preparation phase and are collaborating with artists.